Eddy Sizemore

Director; Eddie Sizemore
We are To Help Promote Mission Activities And To Do Mission Projects in our Church And Other Churches.
Royal Ambassadors For Christ, a wonderful program for boys that guides them to be young men for Christ.

Eddy Sizemore

BrotherHood Drector

What We Do


We can regularly be found eating together. It’s important for us to grow together in friendship and trust, and what better way than with food.

college meals

We work with our community, helping those in need and working on projects.

Mentor Youth

Many of us work with the R.A. program offered by the church. 
We Teach, The Boys About Missions, And Gods Word. We Teach, The Boys How To Work Together. We Have Special Activities, Such As; Games, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, And Wood Work Projects.

college mentors

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